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28-Hours of education including

  • Explains the fundamental principles of NMR
  • Explains how 1D experiments work
  • Corrects popular misconceptions
  • Familiarity with instrument hardware
  • Learn efficient, effective use of the instrument


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Professor Daniel D. Traficante

  • PhD in Chemistry, MIT
  • Director, Chemical Spectrometry Laboratory, MIT
  • Director, Chemical Instrumentation Center, Yale
  • Director, Chemical Instrumentation Program, NSF
  • Professor, Dept of Chemistry & Dept of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Rhode Island


Professor Traficante presents the courses with clarity and accuracy that comes from experience of over 30 years teaching the subject. Not only does he teach students the what, he teaches them why so they gain a thorough understanding of the subject. This course is unparalleled in simplifying a complex subject and well worth the investment of time and money.

Currently, courses are offered streaming online, on DVD, live in a classroom in the Charlotte NC metro region, and on-site at universities and institutions. Please review the course offerings to decide which one works best for your institution.

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NMR DVD Training Series
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Experts Proclaim

"Nuclear magnetic resonance presents a daunting challenge for beginners approaching the subject from less physical disciplines. Professor Traficante solves this problem by treating the basic concept - Fourier transformation, sensitivity, relaxation, spin coupling for example - in very gentle steps making a complex subject readily accessible for all."

"Since I have been an industrial NMR spectroscopist training scientists to do NMR for over 40 years, I have a full appreciation for the amount of time this course would have saved me. Professor Traficante's presentations show the result of decades of teaching this topic. He presents each concept clearly and at a pace that allows the student to think about what the lessons mean. However, it is a useful review for even experienced spectroscopists."
—G. JOSEPH RAY, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Baxter Healthcare Corp.

"I have full confidence that this is the best MNR course for individuals seeking this type of education. Professor Traficante is the best-qualified to provide these videos, as well as the most experienced. His teaching skills are unparalleled."
—PROFESSOR SUSAN LAKOSKI, MD, Cardiologist, University of Vermont School of Medicine