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Interpretation of 1D & 2D NMR Spectra


Course: #110

Lecturers: Daniel D. Traficante & ……. (TBA)


Lecture 5.5 days (Traficante)
Lab 1 day (TBA)

Fee: $1,450 USD


Although a basic knowledge of chemical shifts and very simple interpretation of 1st-order spectra will be assumed, the general features of proton and carbon spectra will be reviewed with emphasis on the use of chemical shifts and coupling constants for the identification of unknown compounds. This will be followed by the use of proton decoupling procedures, magnetic non-equivalence, relaxation time measurements, and NOE. The second portion of the course will concentrate on the general features and interpretation of 2D homo- and heteronuclear J-delta and chemical shift correlation spectra. For "hands-on" experience, time will be made available for attendees to solve structure problems, using both 1D and 2D spectra.


Those involved in analysis, synthesis, or in the elucidation of chemical structures should benefit from this course. The objective will be to gain practical experience in correlating the 1D and 2D spectra of proton and carbon with the structures of organic molecules, and to gain familiarity with the applications of more advanced techniques.


The laboratory includes demonstrations of relaxation time measurements, 1D and 2D NOE experiments, integration of C-13 spectra, DEPT, some proton decoupling experiments, hetero- and homonuclear 2D J-resolved and chemical shift correlated experiments.